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Book personalized video shoutouts from your favourite Fetish Stars, Models and Mistresses!
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Connect with your favorite Fetish Stars through
personal video messages.

Think about a personal message you would like to receive or send to someone and your selected Fetish Star is ready to prepare it. (Almost) anything goes, but nothing obcsene!


How it works?
1. Choose your favourite Fetish Star from the list below.
2. Indicate when do you want to receive their video message
3. Write a short description on what you want them to mention in the video.
​​4. You will receive an email with your video message within a few days.

Select your Fetish Model or Mistress, provide them instructions and they will prepare an around 1 minute personalized video for you. Yes, even the Mistresses! You will receive your video message within a few days.

No need for registration, it's just a few clicks away.

Choose your Fetish Star


Our Fetish Stars have 10 days to prepare the requested video messages, however we do our best to provide you the videos on the requested dates. If the video is not provided within 10 days we provide you a full refund.

The 1 minute booking covers 1 video message independently of its length. Video messages can be longer or shorter than 1 minute depending on the instructions given to the Fetish Star.


Contact us in case of any questions or inquiries:



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